Not Waiting podcast explores the depths of our human experience during times of change and transformation. What does change look/feel like? Who do we look to for teaching? And… Who do we wish to become? Host Angel Ling looks at their creative process, personal healing, and who/what guided them along the way.

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Episode 10: Can we find our second life, through rewriting our story? (Released: December 12, 2018; 38 mins)… How do we make sense of our life, when we meet a roadblock? Episode 10, writer Caroline Lambert hijacks cancer, and along the way, begins her second life with a renewed sense of purpose.

Episode 9: [remake] Out in the darkness, is there truth and healing? (Re-released: November 28, 2018; 53 mins)… This story takes us deep into one’s dark past, in order to find personal healing. Warning – the following story contains discussions of abuse and violence, and may be disturbing to some audiences.

Episode 8: What’s on the other side of this way of knowing? (Released: October 10, 2018; 32 mins)… 35+ time Moth slam winning storyteller Nestor Gomez shows us that by letting go of what no longer serves us, we not only find the possibility of a better future, but also personal power to bring to light. *For more on 80 Minutes Around the World storytelling show, please visit Nestor’s website.

Episode 7: What lessons stay with you, and become you? (Released: September 26, 2018; 40 mins)… Boston-based musician, writer, and photographer Anna Rae shows us how to commit to a daily practice of living our values, and by the truth of who we are.

Episode 6: Did your dream bring you home to yourself? (Released: June 13, 2018; 30 mins)… In episode 6, Lisa Ferraro of Sonic Bliss Yoga shows us that the change journey we take can also lead us to personal healing.

Episode 5: Who do you wish to become? (Released: May 30, 2018; 33 mins)… In episode 5, Clara and I share the growing pains of turning 40, while wondering – if we´ve become the people we thought we´d be, by now.

Episode 4: Whose roaming footsteps did your heart follow? (Released: May 16, 2018; 23 mins)… Do you ever look back and realize, you might have followed the footsteps of those you least expect? In episode 4, Carl shares lessons learned on his way to following the footsteps of his mom.

Episode 3: Which path did you not take? (Released: May 2, 2018; 33 mins)… How far do creatives go to get unstuck? In episode 3, founder of cincopatasalgato – Jose Roberto Paredes – shows us that following one’s intuition and dreams is the way to go, even if it takes you far from home, over and over again.

Episode 2: Were you there for yourself when fear showed up? (Released: April 18, 2018; 40 mins)… What does it take to make that leap of faith, when everyone around you says, “you won’t make it.” In episode 2, Lesha shares her story from a time in her life where she dared to create a life built on creativity and courage.

Episode 1: Did you find yourself out there? (Released: April 4, 2018; 31 mins)… Caught in a cycle of addiction in his late-20’s, Tesh travels to his ancestral homeland and surrenders to his yoga practice. Tesh’s journey saves his life, and provides the foundation and wisdom from which his current life pursuits are built.

Trailer: Not Waiting podcast – coming soon! (Released: March 21, 2018; 2 mins)… Coming Spring 2018, Not Waiting podcast shares stories from guests on a change moment in their lives. In Season 1, a new episode will be available every two weeks, through mid-July.


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