About Not Waiting

On the eve of 2017, I began blogging in these pages to share personal stories and insights on change and transformation, loss and opportunity. This writing process has helped guide my inner journey to better understand that personal change and transformation is key to healing past wounds, and ultimately, living more fully in this world.

In Spring 2018, I launched the Not Waiting podcast where guests share their stories of personal change. In Summer 2018, I began telling stories to live audiences in New York City, first curating the show, Our True Voice Now: Stories of Resistance from New Jersey as part of Speak Up, Rise Up Festival, then as a storyteller for 80 Minutes Around the World Immigration Stories

In future posts, podcast episodes, and other means of media, I hope to broaden my scope further, and share more insights on who, what, and how humanity comes together to face imminent catastrophe and loss too great for any of us to bear on our own. If you’re interested in being part of this explorative journey and sharing your personal change story, please message me!

My vision and hope for Not Waiting is that it serves as a sharing and listening space wherein, when called to make change, both personal and social, we may find ourselves and each other the inner strength and courage to overcome disaster and crisis. May we not only be well, but also prevail as better humans on this earth, all within this lifetime.

Ultimately, it is my hope that by reading and sharing, you too also decide to create your own change and transformation, to guide your own path to healing, and to overcome personal, social, and political crisis that you encounter.

Thank you for all who’ve taken the time to read and explore.


– Angel, January 2019

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